Design process

a simplified design process that produces great client experiences


We are particular about our process in order to provide an exceptional experience to our clients. 

Brainstorming & Discovery

  1. After signing the contract, we will send a website strategy questionnaire to better understand your branding and marketing strategy. 
  2. The team at Empowered begins to strategize how the website should be put together.

Planning & Wireframe

  1. The website designer begins to map out and construct a blueprint showing the ideation of how the website will be constructed.
  2. The wireframe is shown to the client for an initial approval and involvement in ideation.
  3. Wireframe is approved by the client. 

Design & Build

  1. The design team goes to work constructing the site.
  2. Once the home page and a few other key pages are designed the designs are shown to the client for approval of the design.
  3. Client gives feedback and input on current design progress.
  4. Design team builds out the remainder of the website. 

Final Revision & Live Launch

  1. When the construction of the site is finished, the team will submit the final design to the client for any final revisions. 
  2. Once the final revisions are finished, the site will then GO LIVE!


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